July Releases From APA Books!

Reporting Quantitative Research in Psychology

By Harris Cooper

This thoroughly updated book provides practical guidance for implementing the American Psychological Association’s Journal Article Reporting Standards for Quantitative Research (JARS–Quant) and Meta-Analysis Reporting Standards (MARS). Author Harris Cooper uses examples from APA journals to illustrate how these standards can be applied to one’s own writing while conforming with the APA Style guidelines in the Publication Manual, Sixth Edition. New and expanded chapters discuss how to report different statistical analyses and various types of research designs—including replication studies and clinical trials.

The Social Foundations of Emotion

By Stefan G. Hofmann and Stacey N. Doan

Many researchers today view emotions as biologically-based, evolutionary adaptations to environmental stimuli. In this book, Stefan Hofmann and Stacey Doan argue that emotions cannot be understood without taking into account the dynamic social and cultural worlds we inhabit. By emphasizing the client’s social world, they show clinicians how to understand and offer treatment solutions to common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. As the authors demonstrate, socio-cultural context is not just a contributing factor to emotional development; it is, instead, a constant, ubiquitous, and essential element for understanding the complex foundations of human emotion.

Pedophilia and Sexual Offending Against Children, 2nd Edition

By Michael C. Seto, PhD

This second edition of Michael Seto’s authoritative book summarizes and integrates advances in the scientific understanding of pedophilia and sexual offending against children. Seto provides a thorough yet accessible synthesis of current research, identifying the psychological and biological underpinnings of pedophilia. He translates this research into practical recommendations for clinical evaluation, risk assessment, and intervention. New to this edition are an increased emphasis on prevention efforts with at-risk individuals, and a clearer distinction between pedophilia and other forms of paraphilia—primarily hebephilia.

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