March Releases From APA Books!

Heroic Humility

What the Science of Humility Can Say to People Raised on Self-Focus

Everett L. Worthington Jr. and Scott T. Allison

This book synthesizes both research and theory relevant to humility and heroism, articulating a vision of heroic humility—humility of such great depth that it inspires others. The book likens the formation of a humble character to a hero’s journey and uses inspiring examples to show that no two heroes’ journeys are identical. In this age of selfies, instant celebrity, and corporate scandals, the need for greater humility is pressing. Readers are challenged to pursue their own journey of heroic humility in their work, service, and personal lives.


Meaning in Life

A Therapist’s Guide

Clara E. Hill

In this groundbreaking book, Clara Hill analyzes various theoretical approaches to meaning-in-life (MIL), and provides clear, practical guidance on how to incorporate MIL as a construct and focus in therapy. Hill weighs decades of research on MIL alongside her own work at the University of Maryland to determine the various sources of meaning that we all find and apply in our daily lives. With strong case examples and hands-on reflection activities, Hill shows how therapists of all orientations can apply MIL in their practice.


Forensic Geropsychology

Practice Essentials

Edited by Shane S. Bush and Andrew L. Heck

This book provides essential information about providing mental health services to older adults in forensic contexts, and to the legal decision-makers involved. Chapters describe the nuts and bolts of civil litigation as it relates to brain injury, dementia, PTSD, and pain; assessment of competency to stand trial and to be executed; and the special treatment needs of incarcerated older adults. Also included are chapters on assessing testamentary capacity, assessing older adults pursuing VA benefits, and psychology’s role in guardianship and conservatorship decisions.



A Clinical Profile Approach to Assessment and Treatment

Anthony P. Kontos and Michael W. Collins

This book presents a comprehensive, team-based model for assessment and treatment of concussion. It argues that, contrary to popular belief, a one-size-fits-all approach to concussion treatment does not work, since individuals respond best to targeted interventions based on their specific clinical profile of symptoms and impairment. Moreover, the most commonly prescribed management strategy—rest—can actually prolong recovery for some individuals. This resource is essential reading for those who assess or treat concussion, including medical doctors, psychologists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and more.


Activities for Teaching Psychology and Law

A Guide for Instructors

Amanda D. Zelechoski, Melinda Wolbransky, and Christina L. Riggs Romaine

This book presents a wide variety of experiential learning activities to help instructors enliven their courses and teach critical concepts in psychology and law. The activities incorporate individual and group work, videos, reading materials, classroom discussions, homework assignments, and lots of role play. A companion website provides free modifiable handouts and videos to support the activities. With clear instructions and guidance, this book provides everything needed to implement the activities.

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