September Releases From APA Books!

The Dynamics of Infidelity 

Applying Relationship Science to Psychotherapy Practice 

By Lawrence Josephs 

In this groundbreaking book, Lawrence Josephs argues for a new understanding of the psychological foundations of “cheating.” Drawing on research in social, personality, and evolutionary psychology, Josephs offers a complex but intuitive model that explains how and when intimate relationships work, and don’t work. His integrative and compassionate approach to treatment is grounded in psychodynamic principles, yet uses interventions from a variety of approaches, including mentalization based therapies, emotion focused therapy, marital communication skills training, and mindfulness/acceptance techniques. 


 Critical Thinking About Research 

Psychology and Related Fields 


By Julian Meltzoff and Harris Cooper 

This second edition of a classic text gives students what they need to apply critical reasoning when reading behavioral science research. It begins with a thorough overview of the research process, focusing on how to assess whether the conclusions drawn in a behavioral science report are warranted by the methods used in the research. The book then provides fictional research articles with built-in flaws so readers can practice their critical thinking skills. 


Psychological Treatment of Medical Patients in Integrated Primary Care 

By Anne C. Dobmeyer 

This concise volume provides an overview of integrated primary care for mental health professionals. In clear, straightforward language, it describes the benefits and key components of integrated care, with a special emphasis on the Primary Care Behavioral Health model of service delivery.  Guided by competencies developed by the American Psychological Association and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, clinicians learn to use standard resources to work within a larger team to effectively treat a wide range of chronic medical conditions, behavioral health disorders, and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors that commonly present in primary care patients. 


Psychological Treatment of Patients With Cancer
By Ellen A. Dornelas 

This volume describes a range of psychological interventions aimed at helping patients cope with cancer treatment. Chapters describe assessment and treatment of common problems including depression, anxiety, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, and cover broader themes in cancer care including the impact on families. Brief, easy to digest, and highly approachable, this is a must-have resource for practitioners and advanced graduate students in or interested in the field of psycho-oncology. 


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