William Gunn: The Collaborative Psychotherapist

William B. Gunn, Jr., PhD is a licensed psychologist and family therapist currently practicing in New Hampshire. He is coauthor (with Nancy Breen Ruddy and Dorothy Borresen) of The Collaborative Psychotherapist: Creating Reciprocal Relationships with Medical Professionals, published by APA Books in 2008 as part of its Psychologists in Independent Practice Series.

Gunn, Ruddy, and Borresen provide step-by-step guidance on how psychotherapists can work with their medical colleagues on a routine basis. They interview four veteran therapists and one medical doctor, each of whom provides valuable insight into collaborating successfully.

In a PsycCRITIQUES review of The Collaborative Psychotherapist, Jeffrey E. Barnett wrote, “This book provides a well-articulated rationale in support of the need for collaborative psychotherapy. … [It] is an important contribution that should be read by all practicing psychotherapists.”

Watch Gunn discuss this important work:

A transcript of this video is available.

Note: The opinions expressed in this interview are those of the authors and should not be taken to represent the official views or policies of the American Psychological Association.



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