APA Videos: CBT for Generalized Anxiety & Worry

This clip is an excerpt taken from the APA Psychotherapy Video Series program: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Generalized Anxiety and Worry.

Generalized anxiety and worry are experienced by almost everyone at some point in time or another, and are the core feature of generalized anxiety disorder. Associated features include sleep disturbance, impaired concentration, fatigue, and irritability, to name a few. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Generalized Anxiety and Worry, Dr. Antony demonstrates and discusses his approach, which integrates exposure-based, cognitive-based, and relaxation-based strategies to help clients who are struggling with generalized anxiety and stress. In this demonstration video, Dr. Antony works with a middle-aged woman (portrayed by an actor) who is experiencing generalized anxiety and struggling to cope with daily challenges.

APA Psychotherapy Training Videos are available for purchase on the APA Videos website here. DVDs are also available in streaming format to individuals and institutions. Simply search for video titles on the APA website and look for the link to the streaming format on the video title page.

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