April Releases From APA Books!

Using Technology in Mental Health Practice

Edited by Jeffrey J. Magnavita

This comprehensive guide describes evolving technologies in the field of mental and behavioral health. Contributors to this book show how technology can help improve access to care, improve the range and effectiveness of treatments, and positively impact practitioners’ professional development.

There are many ways to provide technology-based or technology-assisted mental health services. This book helps clinical and counseling professionals determine which technological advances best align with their goals, and strategically consider how they will purchase new tools and train users, while ensuring clients’ personal health information is protected.

Living on Death Row

The Psychology of Waiting to Die

Edited by Hans Toch, James R. Acker, and Vincent Martin Bonventre

The extreme isolation and harsh conditions of death row, combined with the omnipresent fear of death, takes a severe psychological toll on death row inmates that is inhumane and unnecessary. This book presents a variety of scholarly perspectives from psychologists, legal professionals, and criminologists, as well as compelling personal accounts from prison administrators and actual death row inmates. Together, they offer unique insights into the systemic, physical, and moral conditions of death row as well as an urgent plea for criminal justice reform.

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