February Releases from APA Books!

APA Handbook of Psychopathology

The APA Handbook of Psychopathology provides a broad perspective on new scientific developments in the study of mental disorders. In addition to an overview of disorder symptoms and classification, the handbook discusses the history of psychopathology, behavioral genetics, cognitive research methodology, brain imaging, behavioral observation, personality assessment, and developments in social policy, government policy, and legal decisions. The handbook also addresses the considerable challenges produced by rapid progress in the field, including the evolution of diagnostic systems that define disorders.


Assessment Using the Rorschach Inkblot Test

This introductory primer reviews the fundamentals of the Rorschach Inkblot Test, including administration, scoring, interpretation, and report writing. Authors James Choca and Edward Rossini survey common approaches to assessment and propose their own innovative and streamlined system—the Basic Rorschach—to simplify the assessment process and enhance the Rorschach’s clinical utility. Their versatile interpretation strategies encourage flexibility and creativity, giving clinicians room to tailor their approach and exercise clinical judgment so that they can find the real person hiding behind the test scores.


Unifying Effective Psychotherapies

Both philosophically rich and highly practical, this book draws from a variety of client problems and treatment approaches to illustrate the process of change that underlies all effective psychotherapy. According to Fraser, the goal of psychotherapy is to help clients move from unhelpful patterns of response to helpful ones. While successful therapy requires common factors as well as specific interventions, these components must be embedded in a therapeutic rationale that fits the therapist and client’s point of view and implies a direction for treatment.


Modern Parliamentary Procedure


Revised and updated with the expertise of the American Institute of Parliamentarians, this second edition of Keesey’s guidebook on parliamentary procedure simplifies many of the complex and technical aspects of the traditional parliamentary process, and offers clear rules of order for efficient democratic action in deliberative meetings. New features include rules that relate to technological innovations such as electronic voting and offsite attendees. This book is an essential reference for associations, clubs, student groups, and larger deliberative bodies seeking clear and effective procedural rules.


Gender Typing of Children’s Toys


Research shows that children who play with different kinds of toys reap different cognitive, emotional, and social benefits.  Toys teach children various skills, including lessons about how they should or should not behave.  Gender-typed play, therefore, both reflects and codifies gender stereotypes, and constrains social roles later in life.  Through theoretically and empirically-based play interventions, and ongoing campaigns aimed at raising public awareness, this volume offers a clear blueprint for how researchers, clinicians, parents and activists can help reduce gender stereotypes and help children grow up to become the people they want to be.

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